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Next Leatherwork Restock: June TBD

What Is a "Restock" and How Does It Work?

As you know, we are a small, 4 hand (and 4 paw) team here at Huck Phinn, and we take immense pride in infusing craftsmanship and love of the outdoors into every piece we create. From our quaint workshop nestled in the heart of Oregon, we pour our heart and souls into meticulously handcrafting each item that bears the Huck Phinn name.

This has led us to adopt a unique approach in making our pieces available to you. We believe in the magic of the "one-of-a-kind" and the stories that these pieces carry within them. So, we've carefully curated a process that allows us to bring our creations to you through scheduled "restocks."

A specific time and date is set where we unveil a collection of items that have been lovingly worked on over the course of the month. This approach allows us to maintain the integrity of our artistry, ensuring that each piece receives the attention it deserves before finding its way to you.

When the restock day arrives, our entire month's worth of creations is released here for you to explore, admire, and call your own. So, mark your calendars, hang out with us on social media and we'll see you on restock day! 


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