Our Story

It all started with an 80's camper named "Phinn."

Aubrey had recently started a small leather company (Huck Phinn Leatherworks) on the road in her home on wheels, a 1985 Toyota Dolphin. Dol-PHINN. Get it? No? Anyway....

Brian, an avid outdoorsman, joined her for some surfing & diving in Baja, Mexico. After being "stuck" there for five months due to the pandemic, they both realized something... they were living the dream. Working with their hands and traveling.

Once they learned they could continue to explore the world AND still create pieces inspired by their travels, they felt as if they had found something worth sharing. 

So, The Outpost was born. 

This space was sparked out of two people's passion to take the path less traveled. Two people who would like you to join our expedition- to grow, share, and handcraft a life worth exploring. 



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