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Remy Wilder

📍 Sacremento, CA.

We got to catch up with Remy about her journey to creating functional art.

"...functional pieces can bring a touch of beauty and joy into your daily routine."


How did you become the creator that you are today? What spurred you to start? 

I’ve always enjoyed exploring my creative side, finding different outlets and ways of expressing myself as I grew up. When applying to grad school for occupational therapy, one of the required classes was 3D art. I had taken ceramics in middle and high school, so thought I would just take a class at the local community college. I ended up really enjoying it and being decently talented, and my instructor encouraged me to continue with it. I took another class, joined a local studio soon thereafter, and kept finding new opportunities that allowed my passion to grow.  

What kind of resource do you work with? (leather, clay, textile, etc.)



What fuels you to create the pieces you share with the world? Tell us about your work. 

I love the idea that everyday, functional pieces can bring a touch of beauty and joy into your daily routine. One of my favorite feelings bubbles up when I see someone using one of my pieces; it is so humbling and gratifying. Interacting with pottery is an intimate experience; you wrap your hands around it, touch it to your lips, use it to hold things that nourish your body. I try to make pieces that I would enjoy using, focusing on form, function, and visual aesthetics that all intertwine to make something unique and pleasing to the senses.


What are some goals or places you look to grow? 

The ultimate long-term dream is to have my own backyard studio and be fully self-sufficient, able to get lost in my own little world for hours on end. Up until then, I just want to continue learning new processes and techniques and forms. I also hope to continue growing my ability to make and share my work with others.

Share achievements with us, what were some “Aha” moments? 

A drunk woman at a wine bar was the person who opened my first door into the world of selling pottery. I had turned some little pieces I made in class into candles, and was giving one to my friend that night as a present. This woman came up to me multiple times to ask if she could buy it, but I kept trying to explain that it was not for sale. After accepting defeat, she gave me the card of her friend who owned a local shop and said she would love to sell my work. This was the moment when I realized I could actually make this a thing, and this shop eventually became the first place I ever sold my work. Another random, “aha” moment happened one day when I was taking photos of some pieces near the beach. A woman came up to me, complemented my work, and asked, “Do you just do this for fun or are you an artist?” I didn’t know how to respond and I think I just stumbled on some words. Up until that moment I had never thought of myself as an artist, and that seemingly benign question really made me pause and reflect on how I see myself and how I relate to clay. Every day I continue to be humbled by the support I receive from friends, family, strangers, and fellow artists, and I’m excited to see where this journey leads me.


What are some lessons you learned that could help other makers?

I’ve learned that you have to find balance between yes and no. So many opportunities have come to me by saying yes and following one open door to the next. It is also important to know your limits and say no when something is too much or not aligned with your goals or vision. I’ve also been reflecting on my varying levels of motivation. Some days I’m over it and don’t want to do anything, and that’s okay. Taking breaks can be beneficial. Other days, I’ll wake up super inspired, and I will harness that motivation and let myself run wild, working until the exhaustion sets in.

What's a fun fact that brings you and your pieces together?

Like most people, I love getting into flow states. Although each part of the pottery process can bring me there, I find that it most often happens when I’m carving my pieces.    


Okay, so you are done working for the day/week, what do you do?

Head outdoors to go snowboarding, hiking, climbing, backpacking, beach-bumming, insert other fun activity here… Or just chilling at home, catching up on errands, going to see live music, or hanging with friends.


Rapid Fire Questions

Dream trip- where are you going? Back to New Zealand.

Describe yourself in three words- Thoughtful, adventurous, down to earth

Fave  Roadtrip Song? City Music by Kevin Morby

Early Bird or Night Owl? Early bird. I’m on that 5:45am wakeup schedule for work… 

How do you take your coffee? Usually as tea. But also, 2/3 decaf and 1/3 caf with some oat milk.

If you had a yacht, what would you name it? Wildest Ride 

Favorite midnight snack? A spoonful of almond butter or Nutella.

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