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Meet Rachel of Rayco Designs

Rachel Jung

📍 Louisiana, USA.

We caught up with Rachel to learn about how she comes up with her incredible, adventurous designs.

"When I’m stuck at home, I simply create where I wish I was."


How did you become the creator that you are today? What spurred you to start? 

It started as an idea, a dream, but one that I was determined to try. I began my design business while in college as a side gig, and from there built it very slowly. It wasn’t until my first “big girl job” as a graphic designer that changed the direction of my career. I never imagined working for myself full time, but once I experienced the worst job situation, I quit and had no choice but to pursue my business. It was my greatest decision and risk.  

What kind of resource do you work with? (leather, clay, textile, etc.)

Pen, paper, and laptop!


What fuels you to create the pieces you share with the world? Tell us about your work. 

My art is really fueled by my passion for the outdoors and love for the land. When I’m out in nature, I feel more in tune with my creative side and want to share those experiences with the world. I hope others will see my designs and not only enjoy the way they look, but that it would urge them to get out and adventure.  When I’m stuck at home, I simply create where I wish I was.


What are some goals or places you look to grow? 

I am always searching for ways to grow: whether it be my art style, concept ideas, organization, better outreach, or better process. 

Share achievements with us, what were some “Aha” moments? 

When I started getting jobs consistently to where I didn’t have to go searching for clients… that was a huge achievement for myself! When a big brand I’ve always loved reached out to me for work. When people shared the impact my work had on them; that it inspired them to get outside and travel.

What are some lessons you learned that could help other makers?

Create even when you don’t feel like it. This lesson has grown me tremendously. 

What's a fun fact that brings you and your pieces together?

I used to draw dogs everyday as a kid, and now  most of my clients are dog brands/people and I get to support myself by  drawing all the dogs. Dreams do come true.   


Okay, so you are done working for the day/week, what do you do?

Go find adventure! Camping, hiking, offroading, climbing, biking, all of the outdoor things. When I’m not able to do this, I go play beach volleyball.


Rapid Fire Questions

Dream trip- where are you going? New Zealand and Australia!

Describe yourself in three words- Creative, kind, and adventurous

Fave  Roadtrip Song? Take Care by Beach House

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl all the way 

How do you take your coffee? Probably too much sweet cream 

If you had a yacht, what would you name it? Seas the Day 

Favorite midnight snack? Chips, but really anything unhealthy

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