Madison & Jordyn

📍 The Open Road, USA.

We got to chat with Madison & Jordyn to hear all about how living on the road full-time inspires their work.

"...The world is a better place because of what you create..."


How did you become the creator that you are today? What spurred you to start? 

I've (Madison) been in love with rocks for as long as I can remember! I worked at a small  gem & minerals shop and they surprised me with a silversmithing class one day, which is how I started to learn the craft!! *brb still happy crying over this surprise*  

What kind of resource do you work with? (leather, clay, textile, etc.)

Metal & Stone


What fuels you to create the pieces you share with the world? Tell us about your work. 

Nature is the best inspiration!! We love sharing our travels with others through metal and stone!


What are some goals or places you look to grow? 

Working with solid gold & creating a fine jewelry line is a huge goal for us!

Share achievements with us, what were some “Aha” moments? 

Believing in myself & my craft enough to quit all other part time jobs and not sign back up for another semester of college classes was HUGE! We're 3 years strong of being completely self employed, woohoo!! Seeing my little business flourish by simply believing that what I create is truly worth sharing with the world was the greatest aha moment!


What are some lessons you learned that could help other makers?

-Connecting with and truly caring for those who support you is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. Customers who started as strangers have become close friends (some even in real life!) and it's honestly such a great feeling to build a huge, love filled community!! 

-Don't be too hard on yourself!! This one's huge. Your art is beautiful and the world is a better place because of what you create, so share it!! 

-Allow yourself time to take breaks. Burnout is real & is not good for creativity. Taking time for yourself will lead to more success in the long run than constantly grinding.

What's a fun fact that brings you and your pieces together?

We live and create on the road full time! So, each of our pieces are being brought to life right in the part of the world that we are living in and being inspired by during that time!    


Okay, so you are done working for the day/week, what do you do?

We love to mountain bike!! We base most of our travel destinations on locations that have the most epic trails!


Rapid Fire Questions

Dream trip- where are you going? New Zealand! To hit some mountain bike trails of course.

Describe yourself in three words- Wanderlust, Active, Passionate

Fave  Roadtrip Song? Keep The Blues Away by Caamp is a goodie or really any alternative rock station!

Early Bird or Night Owl? Night owl for sure! 

How do you take your coffee? Black, sweet n simple

If you had a yacht, what would you name it? Ships n Giggles 

Favorite midnight snack? Cookies!!